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With an ear for R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, House & Dance music DJ Bossmatic has come up with a unique style of his own!

DJ Bossmatic is from Milwaukee WI. and surrounding cities which he calls the (S.E.DUB.) Southeastern Wisconsin. As a Producer and Artists as well as a D.J. who has won several battles and talent shows on the turntables and the mic. DJ Bossmatic is no stranger to the streets nor celebrity status. As a young man packing his bags with new music for "every region to take liking too" he has set off to Los Angles, Houston, New Jersey, Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, San Diego and the lists goes on leaving his name and Midwest swagger one to remember.

He has performed all over the Midwest, West Coast, Down South and Mexico also at the Fort Stewart, GA. Army base which was live on channel 11 news. He has recently produced, wrote and mixed the hit single “Orville Redenbacher” which features artist Baby Bash and was mastered by Juan “2 Swift” Zavala.

DJ Bossmatic has also worked strategically on forming a unique brand since 2010 titled “Latin Boss Clothing” and a designer fragrance named no other than “BOSSMATIC” that’s creating a brand in its self. DJ BOSSMATIC quotes “The brand was created to bring unity in the Latino culture with carefully designed, modernized logo’s allowing Latinos’ to identify their individual heritage back round under one roof and stay fresh! Like a Latin Boss!”

“Bossmatic fragrance was designed to cater all nationalities for a fresh global take over!” 

DJ Bossmastic has perfomed shows and produced songs with acts such as Baby Bash & Frankie J, Twista, Coo Coo Cal, Dope House artist South Park Mexican and was the first Latin Rap artist ever to be booked at the Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee, WI.

He has also played his first acting role in a film titled Get Pony Boy. Directed by Juan J. Frausto. This independent film includes music by DJ Bossmatic/N.K. Get Pony Boy was released in 2008. DJ Bossmatic’s played the role of Lil Scrappy & acted a scene with Noel Gugliemi who has appeared in the movies Bruce Almighty, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Fast and the Furious, Training Day, and more. Independently with all of this DJ Bossmatic is ready and willing to do whatever it takes for the world to witness his talents & struggles but most of his entire story.